2016 BAFTA's Tux Fix

by Jeff Lack

I like to remain positive in my language around fashion and style however, I have seen so many faux pas that I wanted to share my style hacks from the below list of leading men at this years BAFTA's. Let me know if you agree...

From posing to grooming to tailoring, the BAFTA's had it all...upside down.

Heres what I liked and why;

Leo - about time he won something, really clean polished classic look for this red carpet winner. Everything fits perfectly and he has his steely glare on point.

John - all of his red carpet experiences are noteworthy and just killing it in velvet that fits like a glove, tailoring is everything.

Bryan - in double breasted velvet, my happy place..super stylish! Who says you can't look cool at any age?!

And now I vent;

Michael - you should know better mate, the bottom button should NEVER be fastened.

Jack - that bowtie needs straightening, as it is crooked in every shot.

Matt - when you die your hair, dye your brows man. Scary..

Damo - show a little cuff my friend.

Cuba - sleeves are too long on the shirt and jacket.

Whitehall - great looking tux, but those clenched hands and 'deer in the headlights' eyes look like you are not having the best time.

Valentino - amazing ensemble, but you look like E.T.

Thats all folks, stay stylish.




10 stylish men of the 2016 Golden Globes

by Jeff Lack

It's the heart of the LA Winter and this red carpet event calls for sharp, formal tailoring. The Golden Globes is a fine collection of the film and television industries creme de la creme.

The men of the Golden Globes shone brightly in a mix of sartorial colour, shapes and patterns. From traditional black and white to monochromatic black to metallic silver, there was a real selection of fast fashion and sophisticated elegance. My absolute favourite tuxedo colour is navy or midnight blue and there was plenty of fellas representing in this killer colour. The poppy stand out suit colours were the olive green, purple and cobalt blue. Three piece, double breasted, single breasted, long ties, bow ties, shawl lapels and peak lapels, velvet and sneakers gave these dashing gents a point of difference in a pretty restrictive dress code.

Here are my selects, I would love to hear your thoughts and if you believe I have missed anyone that impressed you.

Rob Lowe- sharp and different silver fox man

Matt Damon- long tie family man

Jon Hamm- 3-piece elegance man

Jamie Foxx- monochromatic man

Chris Evans- navy blue man

Bryshere Y Gray- double breasted sans socks man

Brad Pitt- he's Brad Pitt man

Ryan Gosling- black & white man

Terrence Howard- shrek man

Tom Ford- sexy velvet man

See you at the Oscars and in the meantime, stay stylish...