Earth to Wardrobe

by Jeff Lack

Bark and forest earth tones from mother nature combine beautifully with neutral white to break them up. This is a classic 'casual Friday' ensemble that is perfect to go from 'work to bar' on a Friday. I can't tell you how comfortable this new washable wool MJ Bale blazer is, so I am going to add the blurb about it below. White bespoke by Ganton shirt is the conduit with super sexy Andrea Ventura double monks to complement this earthy outfit. Finishing touches brought to you by a Farage pocket square, Persol frames and

The 'Low down' on this amazing blazer- Kurabo ozone wool is a new washable textile that can be easily washed at home. It retains wool’s comfortable feel and it’s natural stretch provides a comfortable fit. Unlike traditional shrink-resistant processes which remove the scales and coating the surface with resins which spoil the soft handle of wool, Ozone wool modifies only the tips of the scales with ozone (found naturally kilometres above the ground (below the atmosphere) without causing serious damage to the wool fibres. This process retains wool’s natural properties and allows it to be washed without shrinkage.

Tip: A light grey male t-shirt and white sneakers would be a really cool casual change into a dressed down look.