How to wear a white long sleeved button down shirt 5 ways

Ah, the classic white button down shirt..Everyone practically has one, but have you thought of styling yours like this? The nice folk at shot and produced this video tutorial at their HQ in Sydney Australia for your viewing pleasure. 

The classic white button down oxford shirt is a definite wardrobe essential and can be worn year round. A good quality one of these bad boys will last you a couple of years with regular use. If its a weekly wear high frequency piece I would recommend getting a couple of them and they won't wear out so fast and there will almost always be one at your disposal. From a fitting perspective, don't let the tail of the shirt go past half way down your butt so you can choose to wear it tucked in or let out.

Let me know your thoughts on how you like to style your favourite white shirt and be sure to share and like if you feel so inclined.

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