Lunch with The Porters

Mr Porter launches the latest "drop" of Mr.P at Chiswick with Style director Olie Arnold. One of my favourite restaurants and absolute favourite online shopping destination all rolled into one, how could I resist?!


Mr. Arnold speaks about the birth of the brand-

We came up with this idea of having perennial pieces that a man could just own and replenish and have the ability to grow his wardrobe. But also to have these drops that come in every couple of months. And those drops are supposed to be more like the icing on the cake—the more inspiring types of pieces that just give a little bit more like excitement and personality. It can be a bit more daring, so there’s this great balance between the two worlds.

The guys in the office love menswear. We geek out about like a collar or an amazing denim, it’s a genuine passion. We started in earnest about last September and we sat in a room talking about, ‘What would it look like? What would Mr P. be?’ We brought in some of our favourite things that we bought over the years and talked about pieces that we genuinely loved. I feel like we all start talking about these things and what it would be like. And that all started like coming together and we formulated this idea.

We know our customers inside out; we have all this data that we can access. So we knew where we felt there were gaps. Like, “We feel that we’re not really seeing that in the market.” So when you start putting those things together, you start to realise there’s a real reason we do this. We’re not the first to do our own brand, so I don’t think it came as a massive surprise to people. But we wanted to make it right and take out time to make sure we were doing the right thing.


You must check this range out, its not stupidly overpriced and its very wearable in Australia. The suede western jacket has me written all over it! The collection is mostly basics, I firmly believe we can never have enough of. My money is heading to these key pieces-

Herringbone cotton chinos -

Button down collar Oxford shirt -

Textured cotton blend sweater -

Wearing || Tom Ford shirt, Rhodes & Beckett tie and cufflinks, Wil Valor trousers.

Peace, JL