How to measure yourself for a suit

by Jeff Lack

Did you think this was even possible? Measuring yourself for a suit has always seemed so daunting and best left to the professionals right? Contrary to this misnomer, measuring yourself for a suit so that you can purchase online is easier than drinking beer on a hot summers day, well almost...This tutorial that the legends from MJ Bale produced will be brief and informative so you can get back to work after a quick quiz online.

There are so many suits options for purchase online so give the whole measure yourself a go. A full length mirror and a measuring tape (not a retractable carpenters tape) would suffice, but if you have an able mate/ partner then by all means get some assistance. The tutorial is pretty easy to follow, so let me know how you get on.

Stay stylish,


Tip: check the size and build of the model wearing the suit online to give you an idea of how you compare size wise. If there is a video of the suit being worn, watch it.