by Jeff Lack

WORKWEAR AS FASHION HAS BEEN A BIG DEAL SINCE THE 50's. We live in a denim nation, everyone wears it in some way shape or form. Many of you know I grew up on a farm, so I have some heritage in these pieces. This look is very much a casual, fun, Indie ensemble. From the rock n' roll stage to your local pub, it's hard to go wrong with these hardwearing, workwear inspired outfits. Double denim is one of my favourite kits to put together, the secret to its success is to be sure the two denims don't match the same. Also consider putting a colour between them to break up the two denims like this example. If the weather is cooler, just add your favourite leather jacket to layer over the top to great effect.

This is G-Star raw denim jeans and Levis sleeveless trucker jacket. Underneath is Brooklyn denim henley shirt, covered up with Jack Smith flannel shirt and down below are Belstaff boots that have been all the way to Iceland and America already in their short life. Akubra 'Capello' hat and Pacifico Optical wire frames complete the outfit.

The lineup-

Akubra Capello from Strand Hatters //

Pacifico Optical wire frames //

Levis trucker jacket //

Jack Smith flannel shirt // unavailable 

Brooklyn denim henley //

G-Star raw denim //

Belstaff boots //

Photography // Vassi Lena