Sperry, the original and best boat shoes

by Jeff Lack

I had the great pleasure of viewing the latest collection of Sperry shoes at Regatta Rose Bay last week. The sponsorship of the Australian Swim Team and the story behind the brand were fascinating. The food, beverages, tunes, goodie bag and atmosphere was brilliant. The cool dudes from Bondi Ink were busy tattooing boat shoes (you don't see that everyday) and room had a nice mix of industry and celebrity guests.

I wore my box fresh Eve and Kane white leather sneakers, notice the glow. Wil Valor blazer, Brent Wilson shorts and Witchery shirt made up the rest of the ensemble with my trusty Persol sunnies.

About Sperry- Our founder, Paul Sperry, was an avid sailor with a passion for adventure. He was faced with a real-life problem that stood in the way of his passion: How to maintain traction on a slippery boat deck. Paul found his inspiration from his dog Prince. Noticing how he didn’t slip on ice, he turned Prince’s paw over to find hundreds of small cracks and lines going in all directions. These became the inspiration behind his inventive non-slip sole and the world’s first boat shoe.

Every single member of the Cruising Club of America wrote to Mr. Sperry to request a pair of these remarkable new boat shoes. Nothing else kept sailors safe on deck. During World War II, the US War Department named Sperry Top-Sider as one of the official shoes of the US Navy.

From the world's first boat shoe to today's contemporary styles that remain true to our heritage, Sperry exists for those drawn to the sun, surf and soul of the ocean. Learn more about Sperry and find the perfect fit for your style in our classic collections.

Check out Sperry in all good shoes stores and online http://www.sperry.com.au