Derby Day 2015's black & white driven style.

by Jeff Lack

The Melbourne Spring Carnival's stylish Black & White themed day never fails to deliver extremely stylish menswear. Black, white and 50 shades of grey abound in glorious combinations with the blue race flower popping on the lapels of bespoke and ready to wear suits. I really love racewear, I feel its the most stylish and 'dressed up' we can be outside of blacktie and wedding day events. The beautiful thing about racewear is how much one can express themselves in their attire. Accessories are paramount in putting the finishing touches on your race day outfit. White suits and blazers were a welcome change to the often worn black ensembles and checks were the dominant dandy suit and blazer style choice. I for one am stoked that men go to this much effort. All hail the peacock.

Here are my favourite looks from Derby Day 2015 courtesy of D'Marge.

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