5 Ways to Wear Dark Denim Jeans - Video Tutorial

by Jeff Lack

One of my favourite wardrobe essentials is dark denim jeans. The lovely team at AskMen.com.au produced this video at the Australian office in Sydney Australia. Most importantly, styling your dark denim you must have the perfect fit first. The best rule of thumb is if your struggling to get your thumb in between your body and your waistband you're on the right track. You see, denim stretches approximately one full size or around two inches (5 centimetres) from its original shape. You should be able to sit and squat in them, but they will feel too tight to start with.

A great way to work out what your new pair of classic dark denim jeans will feel like after you have worn them for a while and they have stretched, is to try on the next size up. If these feel about right, then go ahead and purchase the size below. Also bear in mind the amount of elastane content, the more you have the more they will stretch. Raw denim or Selvedge denim will take the longest to break in and will also be the hardest wearing. 

Let me know your thoughts on the tutorial and please like and share if you feel that way.

Peace, JL

Products selected for the video appear on screen throughout the presentation. Thanks to the following suppliers - Vans, G-star, Fane, River Island, Aquila, Ray Bans, Jack and Jac, Adidas, Brooks Brothers, AS Colour, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Exchange and Trenery.