How to Wear White Sneakers 5 Ways - Video Tutorial

by Jeff Lack

White sneakers are an absolute 'must have' for your Spring/ Summer wardrobe. From extremely casual to quite dressed up the humble pair of white sneakers can be worn in a multitude of styles. If you like your sneakers to look 'box fresh' all the time, you could go for the option in the video which are canvas and throw them in the washing machine when they become soiled. If the are really badly soiled, try soaking them in a bleach or pre wash liquid for a few hours before washing them.

You will notice there are no socks worn in the making of this video or animals harmed. If your feet are smelly or sensitive, be sure to run sockettes that you can not see to give the same appearance. There is plenty of choice in the marketplace for these brilliant wardrobe essentials, just find the pair that feel most comfortable and suit your style best.

Enjoy, JL.

Products selected in this video pop up on screen as they are shown. I would like to thank the following suppliers - Vans, G-Star, Jack & Jac, Ray Bans, Brooks Brothers, Fane, Aquila, Adidas and AS Colour.